the fam

the fam

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Happy Birthday Pudding!

On June 2nd (Coronation Day) amidst the Jubilee celebrations our gorgeous baby boy Charlie turned 1. I can't quite believe that this milestone has come around already! It has been an eventful year but Charlie and his big brother Alfie have brought us so much joy.

Seeing Charlie grow and learn day to day is fascinating - I continually take photos of both boys and am planning a very special photo album. I'm aiming to have a photo on each side of the page (one side for Alfie & one side for Charlie) of each month starting from birth. I realised that I have got at least 1 photo of them for every month since they were born and to compare their growth and changes I am going to put them all together in one album as a lovely keepsake for when they are grown up. I hope to share this with you in the future..when time allows!

The weather thankfully remained dry on Saturday afternoon when we had a small family 'seaside' party (plus a few neighbours) in our garden for Charlie's birthday. We had deckchairs and a sandpit plus cones of fish 'n' chips (the chocolate variety!) and a sandcastle cake (more of that in my next post)

So in honour of Charlie's 1st birthday I have put together a short film that covers his first special year...happy birthday Pudding! 

We love you Charlie Thunder xxx


  1. Oh Heidi, that was so cute almost had me in tears, what a fabulous record. Hope we can have a copy!!! Very very proud Kipper seniors xxxx

  2. How sweet is he! Lovely Heidi :) xx Gabs

  3. Congratulations, Heidi! And Happy Birthday to your boy!


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