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the fam

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Giddy Giveaway!

WIN a handmade Vintage Sign!

Today we are launching another Giddy Giveaway and this time you could win one of our new vintage-style signs worth £40!

The signs are handcut (Approx 18" wide) and hand painted in black or driftwood coloured lettering. They have a distressed paint edges and a 'tea-stained' finish for a vintage look. A D-ring is attached to the back for hanging or the sign can be propped on a shelf or mantelpiece. 

To be in with a chance simply comment under this post (one entry per person) with the wording you would choose for your sign - sloppy and sentimental?  humorous? or something for the family or a special loved one

We will pick the wording we like best but don't worry you can always change this if you're not bound by your answer! (Please keep wording for each line short to ensure we can fit it all in!!)

The giveaway will run until Sunday 5th August with the winner will be announced on Monday 6th August



  1. Welcome to The Armstrong-Bailey's

    Enter at your peril!

  2. Kelly & Mark

    ....they lived happily ever after.


  3. Live well, laugh often, love much
    Sam & Mat
    25th May 2013

  4. The Walshaw Family
    You can check out, but you can never leave

  5. The Madhouse

    Leave your sanity at the doorstep!

  6. My lovely sister and her young family live in a house just on the beach. When I saw your beach house sign I thought it would be perfect and would fit beautifully in their little house.
    I would live the sign to say
    The Hunt Family
    Beach House
    Established 2003

    Love your work, my kids plaques look perfect in their rooms.

    Good luck everyone,

  7. I would choose 'Sip for Stroke' a Decadent High Tea Affair! I am hosting a charity event in aid of the Stroke Association in memory of my best friends mum and this would look perfect at the venue at the London Carriage Works in Liverpool! Champagne,afternoon tea, entertainment, raffles See for more! X

  8. You Turn My Grey Skies Blue :)

  9. Billy's


    Est. 2012

    Would be perfect to go above the entrance to my husband's mega chicken coop at the bottom of our garden. Built by him and my brother last Easter, it's home to 14 little bantams - his pride and joy! I'm growing wisteria and climbing roses over it to blend in with the rest of the garden :)

  10. You Make My Grey Skies Blue ....

  11. michala austin (vanilla butterfly cupcakes)30 July 2012 at 06:19

    Vanilla Butterfly Cupcakes HQ

    Lots of delicious Cupcakes inside
    Enter at your own risk!

    Chief Cupcake Maker

  12. Of course being Pants & Paper I would choose...

    Welcome to Pant's Place

  13. The Parkers
    We dance if we want to

    What a lovely sign :)

  14. The Tuckers
    Est. May 19th, 2012

    fingers crosses...i would love to win!

  15. " A House full of Love "

    Lorraine Scott

  16. "life's not about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain "

    Would love a sign with this quote on.
    Lovely giveaway :)

    Sarah x

  17. What gorgeous signs.. I think if I was to win I'd have one saying:

    The Shiltons

    Home Sweet Home

    Since 2005

    Thanks, MrsShilts

  18. Welcome to
    The Rouse House
    First Est. 31 Jan 2004
    Troublesome additions arrived 22 March 2007 & 10 April 2009

    Harriet x

  19. Just moved into our first house together so my sign would say
    You plus me and the dog makes three!!
    Thank you

  20. i would get
    The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.
    for friends of mine who are getting married next month


  21. Handmade Baby Shoes
    Because even babies can't have too many shoes
    Est 2010

  22. Strong G&T's are served here

    Haha, I live with 3 boys 6 and under. GORGEOUS


  23. I'd like to enter, its just something plain and simple-the townland we live in...'Derrycreevy'. All the family that lives at the 'homeplace' and those that dont often refer to visiting family at 'Derrycreevy', its like our own wee private place of the world cos no-one knows where we are talking about! Would give to my Mum-In-Law cos she's the boss of here :)

  24. You brighten our day with your smile
    Our little ray of Sunshine
    Isla Rose Phillips
    Est April 14th 2011

  25. The Dog House (we have loads of pets)
    facebook stan theman

  26. I'd have to go for one of the funniest quotes I've heard:
    'If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.'

    As you know I'm a massive fan of all Kipper items! :-)
    Sophie x

  27. I would have

    Plans and Presents
    Inspire. Plan. Deliver
    Affordable reassurance with a Tartan Touch.

    Proud of my wee business and would love a wee sign to reflect that




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