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Friday, 16 August 2013

Introducing...Fieldlife: Great British Clothes for life's adventures!

A couple of months ago I stumbled on a lovely new company selling children's clothes called Fieldlife

The clothes for boys and girls are simple in style which I love, practical and colourful. Around the same time, I spotted a tweet by the lovely Kendra at Fieldlife looking for 'Field Agents' to take on some product testing...two little boys aged 2 and 6 could certainly take on this challenge! I applied and we were very excited to learn a few weeks later, that the boys had been selected. How exciting!

A parcel arrived containing a gorgeous long-sleeved top in blue for Agent Charlie and a pair of drawstring shorts in Ecru for Agent Alfie. 
Field Agents Alfie & Chralie reporting for duty
That week we had a heatwave... and I'm sorry to say these clothes and basically all of their clothes were left unworn as they ran around in the garden in swimwear!

We were determined to put these clothes to the test! So last week, we headed off for our Summer holiday on the beautiful Yorkshire coast, buckets and spades at the ready!

Agent Alfie built sandcastles, jumped waves and went beach-combing in his shorts and despite their pale colour, still looked brilliant at the end of that day.

Agent Charlie crawled around in the wet sand and rockpools in his top. He also managed to wipe most of his pesto pasta down his front followed by sticky grape juice and yogurt...

...the boys were rigorous in their testing that day!

What initially attracted me to Fieldlife clothes was their whole concept of clothes for that I mean, clothes that kids can actually play in, run around, get messy and have fun in without feeling restricted in any way. The Fieldlife ethic really appealed to me and what being a kid is all about...

"At Fieldlife, we make favourites, British made clothing for children to live their life in whatever their field.

Our clothes stand up to the rigours of childhood, their adventures, making sandcastles, climbing trees and building dens.

We make the clothes, it's up to you to add the adventures, stories and holes, making them ready to be handed down and become the next child's favourite.

All our clothes are made in Great Britain for no other reason than we believe in British manufacturing and craftsmanship.
We work with a small number of happy British factories that understand Fieldlife and love our clothes as much as we do

We make Great British clothes for great British children

image courtesy of Fieldlife

The fabrics are so soft and are very durable as we've now washed these items on numerous occasions and I only ever use a 40 degree wash and usually it's a quick cycle too. They have come out brilliantly clean and looking like new..I cannot tell you how happy that makes me as a parent!

To see the Fieldlife range for yourself, visit their website HERE

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