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the fam

Friday, 27 July 2012

Make and Do....Jellyfish

Making Crafty Jellyfish

Now the Summer holidays have arrived I have 2 small boys to entertain. We're lucky to have a garden big enough for outdoor activities like swingball, trampoline, sandpit and paddling pool but being arty, I love to try and get the boys involved in something creative. Charlie isn't quite big enough yet to fully join in, but he did enjoy tipping all the crayons out of the bucket and launching them across the garden!

So earlier this week we made some jellyfish...

To make your own you will need...

*Paper Bowls

*Coloured Tissue Paper

* String


*Crayons Felt Tips or Paint


1) Decorate your paper bowl with pretty patterns

2) Fold paper bowl across the middle both ways to find the centre and make a small hole

3) Thread a piece of string through the hole and make a knot on the underside of the bowl
4) Cut or tear tissue paper into strips and attach to underside of bowl with sellotape
5) Hang up your jellyfish and admire your handiwork!
Alternatively you can decorate your bowl as a Flying Saucer and attach a cone of yellow tissue paper to the underside of the bowl so that it looks like a beam of light

The boys certainly had fun and we hope you do too!


  1. Love this! Something a bit different!

  2. Hi Lucy! Thanks very much - the kids really enjoyed making them (and I did too!)
    H x


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