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the fam

Thursday, 26 July 2012

You're HOW old??

Last year I had a BIG birthday and I felt stupidly panic-stricken. Not that I felt anywhere near 40 (I had a 6 week old baby) and I certainly don't act like a 40 year old, it's just that number feels so wrong.
On my 40th with big brother
I can remember my parents' 40th birthdays so clearly (I was 18) and I still think of them as the 40-year-olds, not me. My mum had a party in our house (all pleated skirts and perms)  and my Dad got a flight in a small plane...40 seemed a long way off.
Dad's 40th birthday flight
So July 11th came around again and I had another birthday. could that be?? When I was younger being in your 40s was positively ancient. Now I've reached that age, I don't feel any different to when I did in my twenties. Ok, maybe a few more lines and a bigger waistline but that's about it. I have a mortgage and two kids and sometimes that still smacks me right between the eyes when I'm least expecting it....A homeowner!! A Mother!! THWACK!

Me on my 41st birthday
birthday cake
beautiful birthday table
Maybe it's just how you feel about life in general that makes a difference. I recently ran around the house with pants on my head to amuse the boys. Not the kind of behaviour people expect from a responsible adult but I am responsible I'm just not very 'adult'. Quite frankly the 'adult' bit is boring. I'd much rather play 'duvet mole'  or throw socks around. I'm not very good at being serious...

Despite my ongoing battle with PND, I have somehow retained my sense of humour in the blackest of moments. To really laugh until your stomach hurts is one of the best things in life. Especially when your kids are giggling along too. 
being daft on the beach
In 70s gear
Eurovision Song Contest party...I was 'Spain'
So I am not going to let a silly number bother me and a few grey hairs can be easily hidden. I shall continue to laugh and play and be daft. 

The growing old bit is inevitable but the growing up bit is definitely optional!

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  1. Lovely sentiment as always Heidi, young kids keep you young. can't believe I'm nearer 50 than 40 these days! When did that happen? X


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