the fam

the fam

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Normal Service Resumes. Sort of.

So we're back in the swing of things..shiny school shoes and lunchbox frenzy, early morning shoutiness and trying to find where Charlie has hidden various items before whizzing off to school. Then it's a full working day with intermittent washing and ironing and a forage in the freezer for tea.
I'm still working from home as this is the best option for now but soon it will be all change.

Our lovely Office Manager Charlotte will soon be leaving us for a while..she is off on maternity leave to prepare for the arrival of her baby. We will all miss her but are absolutely delighted for her and her family and I'm sure she will be a wonderful Mummy.

In the meantime Catherine and myself will be steaming ahead with painting and running the office while Steve battles with the wooden stuff. The run-up to Christmas always fills me with total panic and this year will probably be no exception! We have my Mum and Sister In Law on standby to help out but I am going to try and keep calm this year and not have a meltdown. It's such a hectic few weeks but feels like it will never end. I must focus on the good points (masses of orders) and not think about the bad stuff (4am finishes anyone?)

November has come around so quickly and I am not at all organised for Christmas presents or even what anyone will be getting. Alfie already has a growing list but to be honest Charlie would probably be happy with just the wrapping paper come Christmas morning.

I have started my own list..not for magical gifts but a massive 'to do' list which will also continue to grow as we head towards the big day but despite the panic I truly love Christmas. The family time, the sparkly stuff, the sherry (!), watching the kids smiley faces and lying on the sofa after eating my own bodyweight in Quality Street and trifle...that's Christmas for me.

So for now it's head down, focus and b-r-e-a-t-h-e.......


Since writing this post, Charlotte has been admitted to hospital with pre-eclampsia. She has had lots of tests and plenty of rest and this afternoon she was induced. We'll keep you updated with any further news. In the meantime, we are keeping everything crossed for her!

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  1. *** LATEST NEWS ***
    Charlotte had a beautiful baby girl last night at 6.08pm weighing 5lb 3oz! She has called her Elsie Ellen and is adorable xx


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