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the fam

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Are you sitting comfortably....?

Ok, so this is it then...I finally got round to writing a blog. After months of deliberation and the thought that maybe not even a single person would be interested (except my fabulously supportive Mum of course, who, let's face it would read this even if I'd typed out my receipt from Tescos...hello Mum!), I decided I really should get on with it regardless.

Fabulous Mum from Winnibriggs House
I guess I never really knew what to write in a blog - I've read so many amazingly thoughtful, poignant pieces, lots of funny stuff and some searingly heartbreaking posts over the last couple of years too, that I didn't know where to start. I do feel it's the right time now though as this year had really been a BIG one for me.
giddiness runs in the family (you can see that I don't act my age!)
Firstly, I celebrated (I use the term loosely) a significant birthday this week. I turned 40 on Monday - a number I've been dreading! I did have a great day thanks to my wonderful family, but 'celebrate' isn't something I felt like doing at the time.
40th Birthday Cards
However, I now feel like I should be celebrating all the amazing achievements and people in my life instead of being a total misery's just a number afterall and I have so much to be thankful for....
In the space of two months, we have moved into a new house and had a 2nd gorgeous baby
Our little pudding - 6 weeks old today
 plus I have a wonderful OH (he's my rock) and the most adorable, lively 4 year old who also incidentally, starts school in September!
Our big clever boy
The business, Giddy Kipper keeps on growing and we have 2 terrific members of staff with the possibility of a third at Christmas....What a year!

Giddy Kipper HQ
So while I'm on maternity leave,  I'm hoping that I will have the time to give you a little insight into my very hectic, giddy life. The people who matter to me, the things I love, interesting places and some behind-the-scenes at Giddy Kipper HQ and how it all began.

Oh, and just in case it is only my Mum reading this, could you get me half a dozen eggs from the market on Saturday please?

Ta-ra for now x


  1. I'm reading - just popped up in my blog list - first post of many, I'm sure. There will be no stopping you now!!!

  2. Lovely first post! Don't know what you're worried about - I think you're a natural blogger :))

  3. What a lovely first blog - I love your work, and am looking forward to hearing about your inspiration! By the way, you're only older than me by a few weeks! ;-) and your children are totally GORGEOUS.

  4. Grrr been trying and trying to comment from my phone (sometimes I do hate blogger... which I am on too!) So - from my computer - welcome to the blogosphere. Of course we will read it!

    PS - gorgeous, gorgeous photos

    PPS - if your mum is in Tesco anyway would she mind getting me some bananas?)

  5. Ok, eggs..tick, bananas..tick, anyone else while I'm at it! There I told you you could do it, great first post! Ps I think I will have to go back to that hair colour..I kind of like it.
    To my gorgeous family, yes all 4 of you, well done
    M xx

  6. Excellent! Now you've started, it'll flow out and you'll need incontinence pants to stop it.. or is that for another blog post? ;)

    Looking forward to more gratuitous baby pics please!

  7. Lovely first blog post, looking forward to more! P.s I could do with a loaf any chance?

  8. Lovely blog, look forward to reading more x

  9. Yay, welcome to blogger-land! im still pretty new to it myself, feel like im talking to myself half the time, but thats ok, its a great way of keeping memories & something to keep along your journey :) I'll be reading so waffle away!

  10. looks like your off to a great start!

  11. Lovely First post Giddychops, must do mine sometime, (hangs head in embarassement)

  12. Great first blog!! look forward to many more but I don't know how you've found the time with mini kipper!

  13. Thanks so so much for all your comments - I never expected the response! You have all made me feel so much better for starting this...another post to come very soon.
    By the way, thanks for the eggs Mum!
    H x


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