the fam

the fam

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Bittersweet September

Autumn has always been my very favourite season. The colours, the fresh crisp days and those nostalgic feelings of starting a new term at school. I loved the first day of pencil case, new smelly rubber (I remember one smelled like swiss roll), new bag, new uniform...everything was exciting. I loved writing ever-so-neatly on the first page of my brand new exercise book (page 2 never quite matched up to that precision) Finding out who your new teacher was and who you got to sit next to..I loved every minute
My first class....I'm on the back row in the luminous orange jumper!
This year there was another brand new term but this time it was for my 4 year old son and my feelings weren't quite the same. We bought the new uniform, the new shoes and a brand new lunch box but there was no excitement on my part...I just felt so sad. My little boy is growing up and seeing him in his uniform for the first time pulled so hard on my heartstrings, I cried as he skipped off into his bedroom feeling so proud of himself. He just looked too little to be starting had it come around so quickly? "Don't be sad Mummy" he said looking at me with those beautiful big brown eyes "I'll come home again!"
new shirt and tie
His first week of half days eased him (and me) into school life gently but he took it all in his stride which I knew he would - he's such a confident little boy. This week he started full time and he loves it. He's making friends and is full of tales of floppy the dog and Mrs Anderson's magic bag. He's been rolling down hills and scuffing his new shoes. Every morning in his classroom, he puts his book bag away in his tray and he's off...I have to catch up with him to steal a hug before I go.
My big schoolboy
I still feel sad but I'm also immensely proud of my fabulous little boy and so happy that he has settled in so quickly. I hope he has the most amazing adventure at his new school and I'll try not to be sad...


  1. Well proud mummy, you have reason to be, and that's not just because we're related! You and Steve have every right to be proud of the wonderful young man you are bringing up. He is a credit to you both (and we love him, and Charlie too). Thank you for letting us share them both. xx

  2. Awww, you can always count on your mum! Thanks, we're very proud of them both xxx

  3. Aren't they amazing? How they've coped and just got on with it. You have every reason to be proud!

  4. my littlest started school this term. she looks too small to be in uniform (and yet soo cute!). She adores floppy the dog! its so wonderful for them, i just wish i could be at her side, to experience it all with her, just like i wished i could share it all with my son when he started. x


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