the fam

the fam

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Hello Duck! (The Gallery: Week 72)

I have only just discovered Tara Cain's Sticky Fingers blog. Each week she gives a prompt (for example this week is 'animals') to go out and use that prompt to take a photograph (or to use an image you already have) Since I am passionate about photography, discovering The Gallery was very exciting! I love to look at other's photographic interpretation of a word - it's a fabulous idea so I am now going to try and remember to join in each week.
As I said above, this week is 'Animals' and I'm hoping my bird photo counts as it's on of my favourites! 

On one of our many visits to the seaside, we made a new friend. My son Alfie, who was only around 2 and a half at the time, began feeding a duck that had sidled up to our bench. We were enjoying our fish and chips when Mrs Duck appeared from nowhere. She did several laps of the bench until Alfie gave in and decided to share his pieces of fish with her. That sealed the friendship and she rewarded us with a very lovely photograph...

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