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the fam

Thursday, 26 January 2012

A little thank you...

I love Twitter (mostly because I never shut up!) and I can witter on to my heart's content when I'm at home working alone and it doesn't matter whether anyone is listening or not. I have (virtually) met the most amazing and inspiring people on Twitter and am constantly astounded by the warmth and willingness to help from people who are essentially complete strangers. I know it's cheesy but I tend to think strangers are potentially friends you've yet to meet and this is so true on Twitter.

When I joined I had absolutely no idea where it would lead or who I would meet. I waffled on and slowly started to gain followers. Funny, I thought, they're sticking around too so I carried on waffling some more. I started to meet fantastic people up and down the country and beyond - small business owners, designers, journalists, normal everyday hard working mums and dads, photographers, musicians, editors, bloggers....just lovely interesting chatty people from all walks of life sharing the good the bad and sometimes the very sad. The support is sometimes overwhelming - through difficult times there are always lovely words of comfort and compassion and there is so much love at times of celebration!
some of the cards we received when Charlie was born
It's one of those times that I would like to thank a few of my Twitter friends for as I never had the chance before. Having our 2nd baby boy was a beautiful yet terrifying event and one that I thought may never happen. The months and days leading up to his birth were very difficult for me and peppered with frightening appointments - all of which I had shared with the Twitter community. There were lots of tears and sleepless nights so when he arrived we couldn't wait to share the news. Well apart from the astounding number of congratulatory tweets (thank you for ALL of those, we were truly touched) we also received cards and presents from people we have never met.

Firstly there's Zoe (@zoeanddrew) - lovely, generous, a joy to chat to and one of the most supportive people on Twitter. She also has 5 children, is a freelance writer and blog editor for @lesenfantsparty (an all round wonder woman)
Zoe & family sent a gorgeous card, a card game for big brother Alfie and a beautiful personalised print for Charlie by the very talented @isa_noisette from Noisette kids

Next there's the fabulous, bubbly, Gabs from @MooBaaCluck. An extremely talented illustrator (never gives herself enough credit for her gorgeous work) who sent a lovely bunny baby card, a gorgeous 'little brother' heart for Charlie and a 'big brother' star for Alfie.

Not only this, she also sent us a beautiful new home card and one of her Home Sweet Home teatowels...what a star!

Next, there's the delightful, wonderfully witty Alex and her equally lovely Mum Christine from Ruby & Betty's Attic (@Rubybettboo & @SoShabbyChic) who sent new home and new baby cards and the most beautiful sage green knitted jumper and booties set and again, big brother Alfie wasn't forgotten and got a book as a present too!

Our next thank you has to go to the super talented Becky from DotsandSpots (@dotsandspotsbiz) who works flat out, writes her blog, attends trade fairs, is a mother of 2 lovely kids, and still manages to send out gifts! Our parcel arrived beautifully wrapped in dotsandspots wrapping paper and tags and inside was a gorgeous red gingham teddy bear for Charlie and stickers and tape for Alfie.

(Becky also did the design for our 'We Have Moved' cards last May and they were brilliant!)

Last (but by no means least) there's the brilliant Jane from Snapdragon (@snapdragonjane) who produces the most amazing textile designs and sent Alfie a super poster for his new room (sadly we've not had chance for any decorating yet but it's being saved!!)

We were bowled over by everyone's generosity and as you can see, Charlie was very grateful too...well once he'd had his nap!
Charlie in an outfit knitted by his wonderful Nanny (@winnibriggs)


  1. Thank you for such kind and lovely comments, you brought tears to my eyes. I agree, strangers are the friends we're waiting to meet and I hope to meet you for real this year :)

  2. You really didn't need to say thank you again - it seemed the natural thing to do. It's true though, I do fell as if I know you from tweeting over the past couple of years. You have a lovely family and a fabulous business and deserve every happiness. Now like Zoe say's above - we need to eventually meet for 'real'x

  3. Just so very true Heidi. The support that I have recieved from my lovely tweethearts has meant so much to me. I have gained some of the most genuine lovely friends and feel very lucky! Your an inspiration x I agree with the very lovely Zoe and Becky too, cant wait to meet up soon. Big hugs Kipperchops..and to DiddyChops too xxx

  4. Heidi I am so touched. I'm not sure that I'm particularly modest :))
    Isn't that gingham teddy bear shot with Charlie wonderful. That should read the other way round perhaps!!X Gabs

  5. What a lovely blog. You can always count on Twitter when the going gets tough xx @SoShabbyChic


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