the fam

the fam

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Twitter Tea Party

Within our hectic start to 2012 I was delighted to be invited to afternoon tea with some of the lovely people I have met through twitter. I say 'people' when actually I now feel that they are firm friends...I cannot rave about twitter enough. It really has been the best 'social' tool I have ever come across!
The 'tweet up' was organised by Tia at @whoatmycrayons - a truly lovely person all round - genuinely warm and friendly (affectionately now known as crayonface or cakey) She is a talented soul too.
Crayonface (in the grey) with Nadine
As the 'tweet up' was for tweeters in the Lincs/Cambs/Norfolk area Tia decided on Peterborough for the rendezvous location as it was easiest for everyone to reach. I travelled with my Mum Jenny (@winnibriggs) as I knew she would enjoy meeting everyone as much as I would. We met in the bar of the Park Inn Hotel for a glass of wine and some nibbles - we were some of the 1st to arrive and we were a little nervous! Tia and Nadine (@Nadine_Ingle) were there to greet us with huge smiles and hugs all round.
Nadine, Mel, Gabs, Helen, Sam, Jenny and Me (thanks to Tia for the photo)

Then the others arrived...Helen @HWRDesigns, Sam @SamKersley and Mel @melandersondes...everyone was so friendly and it felt like we had all known each other for ages! Last to arrive was the fabulous Gabs from @moobaacluck who always makes me laugh with her calamitous tales..this time she got lost (but she did have to drive a fair way from Norfolk so she was forgiven!)
1pm came around so fast as we'd all been chatting away oblivious of the time. We had a table booked at a nearby tearooms and the lure of the cake was very strong at this point...we all arrived at the tearoom in breakneck speed! (amazing the power of cake!)

We all had pots of tea, open finger sandwiches and the biggest pieces of homemade cake you've ever seen! It was all so delicious and the conversation flowed. We talked about our businesses, our families and life in general. It's not often I get to enjoy days off like this so I really enjoyed having some 'me' time and meeting some fabulous people into the bargain.
Helen and Sam

Mel and Gabs enjoy some tea
Helen with contraband!

The afternoon went far too quickly. We all headed off to another bar for a goodbye drink before setting off for home. It was a brilliant afternoon and I'd like to thank Tia for organising our get-together - we had a lovely time and can't wait to meet up again!

Sugar rush!!

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