the fam

the fam

Monday, 16 April 2012

Simple Pleasures

School starts again tomorrow for our 5 year old and to be honest I'm quite sad about the fact. Before the holidays started I was panicking about how I would manage to get all of my work done and look after both boys. I needn't have worried as firstly my Mum came to the rescue and had them for a few days each week - she loved having them over at her house and they always have a good time with Nanny (& Grandad) I remember playing at my cousin's house or staying with my Grandparents as a child and it was so exciting. However it doesn't stop the Mummy guilt from creeping in!

The other days of each week
 the boys stayed at home with me and I really enjoyed spending some quality time with them. Both weekends we decided to go out and do something as a family too which was brilliant and something we don't get to do very often. 
The boys are only going to be this little for such a short time that I decided I really must forget the work stress and make the most of every moment.

 We're lucky that we live quite close to a wonderful park. Alfie had a lovely time riding his bike and helping me take some Spring photos. We saw ducklings and talked about the flowers. 

Easter Sunday we had an Easter Egg Hunt in our back garden. This is one of Alfie's favourite past times even when it's not Easter!! Charlie was helped around the garden and squealed with delight watching Alfie dart around with his bucket.

Bank holiday Monday we took a (very soggy) trip to Twin Lakes near Melton Mowbray. The weather was pretty atrocious - the clouds didn't lift all day and we got soaked but we made the most of it! Alfie even got to feed a baby lamb and Charlie was mesmorised...I got a turn to feed the lambs too and it was such a joy.

 This last Saturday we ventured to the seaside - our most favourite place. We headed for Hunstanton. It was a sunny day at least but the wind was bitter but we were by the sea so none of us cared! Charlie spent ages sitting on the beach playing with stones while Alfie and Daddy tried to skim stones across the waves.

Next it was fair rides and crazy golf followed by a stint in the amusements. Before leaving for home we had some fish and chips and Alfie insisted on an ice cream even though the temperature at this point was close to freezing by my reckoning!!

It's been such a fun holiday and I managed to finish my workload too. Now I can't wait for the next one!


  1. Such fun and your boys cheeky grins always make me smile! My younger son loved playing with pebbles on the beach, but often tried to eat them too & seeing Charlie playing on the beach reminded me of that. Happy Days :) xx

  2. Thanks Zoe..we really have had a lovely holiday. Looking forward to the Summer hols now!


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