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the fam

Thursday, 20 September 2012

High Days And Holiday Helpers

Autumn again and I feel like life has been on fast forward. My eldest is back at school and the youngest is almost walking...I wish the world would slow down a little!

It's been an age since I've had chance to post anything but to be honest most of the time I was having too much fun with the kids so that's a good thing!

This was our first proper 'school holiday' and I was worried about how I would entertain the boys in the days that stretched ahead (45 days to be precise...Alfie had counted them) I also had to fit in my full time hours to keep up with the business. I thought I might unravel at the seams.

I actually really enjoyed the holidays and spending time with the boys and the family was fabulous. The number one star in all of this and who helped us through was my wonderful Mum. She also takes top prize prize for Best Nanny Ever

She looked after and entertained the boys when I had to work, took us all out on day trips and generally chivvied me along when I was feeling exhausted. She's the best and I would like to say an enormous thank you to her for all her brilliant help and support. My Dad also gets a mention for being the Best Grandad Ever but his navigation skills need brushing up - he 'lost' Rutland Water. Yes, that vast expanse of water somehow eluded him and we went on an epic journey that took much longer than anticipated and ended with youngest being sick in his car seat! Alfie sighed from the back 'I wish I was in a car with somebody who knew the way' ...I couldn't stop laughing!

We had some lovely days despite the thrashing rain and grey skies which put paid to our 'bbq party Summer'.

Our trip on a Steam Train and picnic in Ferry Meadows was glorious. The boys loved the journey on the diesel train to Peterborough first, then a walk to the station to catch the steam train. The diesel train part of the journey was less enjoyable for my mum as she misjudged the cinema-style train seat and landed in a giggling heap on the floor on the train. I wasn't much help being in hysterics at the time and even more so when she did exactly the same on the return journey!

We had a slight wait for the steam train so we ventured into 'Rail World'. Sadly it was rather run down and neglected but is run entirely by volunteers.

Disappointed we decided to see the 'nature garden' across the bridge. We were not quite sure what to expect at this point but the garden was beautiful! This was obviously where the regeneration of the site was taking place first with lots of volunteers working on the garden and features. It was full of beautiful wild flowers, beehives, a tiny stream and winding paths with new attractions in the pipeline.

Dora The Explorer!
The steam train ride was a joy - wish normal rail journeys were still this exciting! We arrived at Ferry Meadows in the sunshine and ate our picnic with a view of the lake.

Our Rutland Water trip started Dad's epic journey
, car sickness and drizzle weren't a great combination but we were determined not to let this ruin the day. As we left the car park, the sun came out and we headed to the game zone. Alfie was in his element on the quad bikes, trampolines and bouncy slide. Another tasty picnic provided by Best Nanny Ever and then it was Alfie's favourite pastime..Crazy Golf. This new attraction along with the childrens' play area was hugely enjoyable and highly recommended for a family day out. 

We all enjoyed the Olympic coverage over the Summer and Alfie decided that when he grows up apart from being a stunt driver, a spy and a karate man he would also quite like to be a Pole Vaulter. I loved the stories I heard online from friends and through overheard conversations 'You can be Cavendish I'll be Wiggo' said two little boys on bikes and kids playing diving off the sofa.

It was brilliant to see the delight on Alfie's face each time we won a medal - he was overjoyed (and particularly liked the fact that he could stay up late to watch 'history in the making'!)

At the end of the holidays we managed to squeeze in a short family break to the seaside - a much needed escape from work and chores and a chance for the 4 of us to spend some proper time together. The car sickness returned but this time it was poor Alfie who had 2 changes of clothes on our outward journey which should have taken an hour but took 2 and a half! Still it didn't matter once we saw the sea and breathed in the sea air. The family hotel room was very nice and Charlie loved the fact that he could climb onto all of the beds and go and sit in the shower cubicle at will.

We had a fabulous few days of fish 'n' chips, building sandcastles, skimming stones, paddling (even swimming!) in the sea. Playing in the park, amusements, fair rides and of course crazy golf!

There were also lots of trips to the local park and paddling pool, walks to feed the ducks and Alfie went for tea at friend's houses. We played in the garden, stayed up late watched films and started each day relaxed without the school-morning-mayhem

I didn't want the holidays to end!


  1. What a lovely post. Sounds like a fab, family summer. Not sure how you juggle working full time with 2 boys at home all day. Respect! Your boys are gorgeous :0) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Jenny! We really are very lucky to have all they help we get from my fabulous parents and our kids adore them! (as we do) We did have the most wonderful Summer and even though it's hard work sometimes the family make it all worthwhile
      H x

  2. If you could really understand the enormous pleasure we get from being with our gorgeous family you would know that it is never a chore to help whenever we can! We are the luckiest grandparents ever.The pictures are fabulous and me and Mr Satnav would like to thank you for your kind words. Xxxx

    1. Well hello there Best Nanny Ever! What a lovely thing to say (makes me quite emotional *sniff*)
      We are so grateful for all you do for us..we are very lucky too.
      H xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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