the fam

the fam

Saturday, 9 March 2013

For My Mum.

I want to dedicate this post to my Mum. She's currently up in Scotland visiting her sister so I won't be able to see her in person tomorrow on Mother's Day. This seemed the next best thing...

Mum I'd just like to say thank you....

For being caring and understanding

For making me chuckle (a lot)

For going to work in odd coloured shoes

For never complaining despite having dodgy eyesight

For never laughing at my choice of clothes

For keeping a straight face when meeting my former boyfriends

For making the most delicious meals and the best redcurrant cheesecake. Ever.

For having impeccable taste in clothes and interiors

For giving us a fabulous childhood

For passing on your artistic and creative talents

For the hours spent with glue and glitter and paint and sequins

For always being on hand to help with the kids

For your endless patience

For being amazing with a sewing machine

For being a beautiful person inside and out

For your laidbacNanny skills

For taking us on wonderful holidays

For your unconditional love and support

For being utterly brilliant

Thank you.
You're the best!

Love from Peeps xxx

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  1. Wow I feel like a celebrity. Thank you darling girl. You made the job so easy and so much fun and now you have given me the pleasure of enjoying it all again with our darling grandsons. You are every mothers idea of the perfect daughter and best friend. Xx


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