the fam

the fam

Sunday, 25 May 2014

This and That.

My last proper family post was back in September (really??!) and now it's May again, almost June!
I've missed a whole two seasons and I've really missed writing on here.

So what have we been doing??

September to December were the usual mental months in the run-up to Christmas with the added joys of colds and tonsillitis but the Christmas holiday was brilliant. Time off to enjoy with the kids and my Mum and Dad came for Christmas day.

Fast forward to February and there was a worrying few weeks of illness - my Mum for 3 weeks and Alfie for a week. Both of them were hit pretty hard and stayed in bed to recover.

Thankfully, just before the bugs hit, we celebrated Alfie's birthday and took him out for a birthday treat with his best friend Keziah to Cadbury World.

We had lots of other 'doing' days and trips out and about...

We're lucky to have the beautiful Belton House on our doorstep and our National Trust membership is well used! It means we can even pop along for an afternoon for a walk around the gardens or a run around in the adventure playground and not have far to go home. 

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