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the fam

Saturday, 28 June 2014

A Walk In The Park...My Race For Life

Back in the winter months at the beginning of the year, I decided I really needed something to focus on in terms of getting my fitness back. I had still been experiencing some pretty dark days and I don't just mean the lack of sunlight. I've been to lots of exercise and dance classes over the years but lately I had gained weight again and was so lacking in confidence, the thought of putting on any kind of exercise gear filled me with dread. I had to find something else...without an audience.

I'd enjoyed the wii fit but was also struggling to stick with any form of exercise particularly in sitting distance of a sofa, so my Mum suggested I start on the treadmill. She bought one some years ago and it had been used wasn't in the house (no telly or sofa for distraction) but it also wasn't at the gym, no!

Then it struck me that if I was going to really stick at this new fitness regime, I needed an extra incentive. For some years I've been wanting to raise money for charity, particularly cancer charities as I have lost so many wonderful friends and family members. I saw an advert for Race For Life and it seemed the obvious choice. My mum was going to sign up too but we realised she was away that weekend so I was on my own, It didn't deter me though as I'd set up a fundraising page and seeing the donations come in, spurred me on.

On Saturday 21st June, I travelled to the beautiful Clumber Park with my family (they were my cheering party for the day) and joined thousands of other women and children in the Cancer UK Race For Life. I was quite nervous when we arrived but the atmosphere was brilliant. Knowing everyone there was raising money for such a worthwhile cause was amazing. I cried during the minute silence, it was a very emotional day, but lining up to start the race I was more determined than ever.

I must admit, I didn't run the course, more of a quick pace with a sprint at the end, but it was an achievement nonetheless. I'd like to take on the challenge again and run next time. I hadn't realised that being in the middle of the 'walkers' section would be a little too slow for me (my Mum thinks I walk at a ridiculous pace!) Next time I'd like to be just behind the joggers so I at least have a choice whether to run or not. My fitness levels have improved dramatically over the last few months with the added bonus of losing 11lbs in weight so far (without a diet!)

The very best thing though is that I have so far raised £340.00 and still have some donations to come in. I am thrilled to have reached this amount as my initial target was only £100.00...I wasn't sure anyone would sponsor me!

I would like to say an enormous thank you to all those that have donated and hope that the money raised will go some way to funding research to end this vile disease once and for all.

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