the fam

the fam

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Expressions #2

Birthdays. Another year, another milestone. Two beautiful little boys growing up far too fast.

Our eldest turned 7 at the end of February. The boy with the big chocolate button eyes and gap-toothed grin will be off to junior school in September. A maths whizz (not sure where that came from!), a big bundle of energy, not always confident but happy and popular. His best friend is a girl..a female version of himself!

 Our youngest turned 3 at the beginning of June. Such a cheeky, head-strong little chap, totally independent already..'I can do it myself' Very smart and sharp as a tack. Wants to be like his big brother..much more daring though and has no fear!

I look at them both with an overwhelming feeling of love and pride.

 Best friends forever x

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    1. Aww thanks Lisa. I *may* be slightly biased..they SO are ; ) xxx

  2. Nanny now has tears in her eyes....Aaahhhhhh!! Love you all

    1. Hello my lovely Mum!! Choked me up a bit when I was writing those little boys so much, they're my world xxxx

  3. How gorgeous are they?? It is a very sweet write-up - always lovely to stop and reflect on our children growing up. Thanks for linking to expressions, the gappy ones are always the best ;)


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