the fam

the fam

Friday, 1 August 2014

Beside The Seaside...a birthday treat!

It was my birthday in July..happy birthday to me! Pain au chocolat for breakfast, flowers, presents and taken out for tea after a long, hot day at work

The following day, we went off to the seaside for a treat!

I've been obsessed with the seaside since I was a little girl, so to me, it's the best place to be..whatever the weather or season.

Even at the grand old age of 28...(oh ok, ok...43), it still has the same magical appeal.

We had such a brilliant day...the weather was perfect, the sea was warm and we laughed and played in the sea for hours

We had a beach picnic and ate some strawberries

Then the tide crept up and swallowed the beach..time to move!

When you're at the seaside, there are certain traditions to and chips, ice cream, funfair and amusements! I would have been very disappointed if we didn't go home with some furry monstrosity from the grabber machine and a pocket full of 2ps!

We got home very late but very happy with sand in our shoes..I love being beside the seaside!

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