the fam

the fam

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Pirate Day...Arrrrrr!

Summer holidays already and it's always a struggle to fit in full time work with two little boys and the other daily chores. Luckily, we have THE best grandparents on hand to help out. I try to get days off when I can - the thought of missing out on sunny days with our boys, makes me so sad so I work extra hard and long hours to get those precious days off.

On one of these days, I promised the boys a Pirate Day, so last week we did just that!

They chose the theme and I set out to fill the day with pirate-y puzzles, games, food and fun.
But first..we had to get into character!!

Yes...even me!! Oh dear....

The day started fairly overcast so it was the perfect time to make our 'jewel' biscuits (cookies with smarties that is)

Next it was time for the pirate treasure hunt. In the garden, I set out different sections..

Creepy Cabin - the wooden playhouse, complete with skeleton and ghosts made from old sheets

Whirlpool - the trampoline, covered in furry sea creatures

Pirate Ship - I painted a skull and crossbones flag, attached it to a broom with string and propped it up in an upturned plant pot. This is where the 'cannonball catch' took place

Smugglers Cove - the pop-up play tent filled with pirate books, blanket, pirate ship toys and hidden gemstones (bits of old jewellery)

Splat The Rat - I brought a couple of cardboard tubes home from the workshop, taped them together, then made two ship's rats out of grey school socks and added string for the tail and button eyes.

Walk The Plank - I balanced a plank of wood on sandcastle buckets over a small paddling pool and added starfish, shells and plastic sea creatures to the water

Shark-infested water - the bigger paddling pool was full of sock sharks - the old grey school socks came in very handy!

There were also stepping stones using the cushions from the garden chairs and a pirate puzzle chalkboard - I found an old A-frame being thrown away so I rescued it and painted it with blackboard paint..voila! Good as new.

The boys followed all the clues and finally found 2 golden keys which 'opened' their treasure chests...(not really..the treasure chests were made from old ice cream tubs but they were delighted all the same!)

The 'treasure' consisted of a medal, various silver and gold chocolate coins, other sweets and some moshi monsters!

We all had flipper dippers and waffle life rafts for lunch and watched pirate themed films before tea. We all had such a brilliant day and it was all done on a budget. Lots of these ideas you could adapt for a Pirate Party..with a little it of imagination, it's amazing what you can do!

Next time, we're going to be Cowboys...YEEHAW!!

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