the fam

the fam

Friday, 27 February 2015

A change is as good as a rest.

Can't believe I've not posted since last September. Life continues to gallop along at an unnerving pace, the kids are growing out of everything, the bills keep coming, we keep going as best we can!

I feel a big change is coming though. I'm not really sure what that is but I think it springs from the upsets of the previous year. Uncertainty in the business, things changing that are beyond our control. I told myself that this year would be OUR year and that I needed to start the year positively and full of 'can-do' attitude.
I've mostly managed it. I feel like I finally emerged from a fog at the end of last year and I decided that I was going to do more positive things for me and my family.

I joined a gym, I'm losing weight (something I needed to do), I'm not slobbing around on the sofa so much. I'm getting out and taking opportunities when they arise.
I can't say it's been easy to stay positive at times. When you're seeing your friends and family going through hard times and illness, there are still plenty of tears at times.

Part of the 'our year' has definitely been put in place by the fact that after 17 years, me and my lobster Steve are getting married! 

Life has chucked some crappy stuff at us and certain events last year (one of them being my brother being diagnosed with cancer) put everything into perspective. We all needed something happy and exciting to look forward to! More on that one later...(any excuse to talk about weddings!!)

So that's our big news on a personal front. 

The business is also going through some big changes - we've decided that sadly putting all our eggs in a notonthehighstreet-shaped basket wasn't the best move we've ever made. The site has changed beyond recognition since we joined at the very start. It's developed in a way that no longer works well for us. At this point, we've discussed all sorts of options and we're still unsure of exactly where we're heading. I can't not be creative that's for's what I do. School, art college, art degree...I don't know what else I could do at this point! We've been running our own business for over 10 years now and we're still here. That has to count for something. I think the main issue right now is that I am fidgeting like crazy. I have absolutely no idea what I really want to do!! I guess after so many years of doing everything, dealing with the stress of running a small business, going down all the craft and design routes, I need this change.

I guess we'll wait and see what's next.

I would love to hear what other small businesses are going through right now - I do feel it is harder than ever for small designer/makers to survive

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