the fam

the fam

Sunday, 20 September 2015

A Summer of New Beginnings

I wasn't sure I would be writing any more blog posts after my 'can't be arsed' phase but actually, I've missed this. Writing to nobody in particular, keeping a record of our life.
I decided to give it another go. I feel calmer, happier and quite chatty again if I'm honest.
Lots of things have changed over the Summer...I've met new people, I've been getting out and about and really enjoying new experiences again, our littlest boy started school and, oh yes, we got married!

I started reading other blogs again, something I've not done for a while. It's made me realise that even if not a single person reads this blog, I will enjoy it nonetheless.
I haven't got any great subjects to discuss. It's just me and my family and a slightly deranged cat.
I had to start again somewhere, so I guess this was it.

Next time I might eve have something nice to share.


  1. I see my blog as a diary for me and anyone who wants to join in and share it along the way then great. As different things become more important then they get talked about more but it's for me firstly. I love to read normal, everyday blogs rather than those always selling or pushing things. I look forward to your ramblings xx

    1. Aww Becky, thanks so much for the comment. I feel much better now that one other person has visited my post lol!!
      That is exactly how I'm viewing my blog again now..nothing of much importance to say but a lovely record of the boys growing up and changes along the way.
      You are a total star for sticking by me!
      H xxx


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