the fam

the fam

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Hens & Stags

Fast forward a few months from our engagement and here we were, just a month away from the wedding!

Friends started to raise the 'are you having a hen/stag do??' question. Once again, as far as we were both concerned, we just weren't going to bother. I for one felt like a geriatric bride and the thought of being dressed like a knobhead, drinking through a willy straw, really didn't do it for me.

However...after a bit of persuasion, I thought why the hell not?? I was still having a wedding day so why not a hen do? I'll get mt chief bridesmaid onto it. Oh hang on..I'm not having any bridesmaids.

As for the Stag Do..well, the Best Man was supposed to organise that. Steve's Best Men were our sons aged 8 and 4..not really up to arranging a pub crawl.

So, there was only one thing for it. I had to organise BOTH.

At least I could keep control over my own party plans. The Stag Do on the other hand was being planned in secret as a surprise from the boys for Daddy.

July 18th and the boys had kept the Stag Do completely secret the whole time (it was the adults that nearly gave it away!!) The gave Daddy a card first thing in the morning to announce it and Steve was thrilled.

In honour of the decade in which we first met, we were going for an 80s theme for both. Double Denim for the Stags and 80s neon for the Hens.

The boys (with the help of Uncle Disco) took Daddy out to a beer garden (I brought the little stags home at teatime before the big stags wandered off into the evening)

There was a shopping trolley involved at one point, a couple of splattered pizzas and a big bruise but on the whole, it was a good night.

July 25th and it was the hens turn. Derby Rollerworld was supposed to be our first destination but unhelpfully (and it almost cocked up the entire hen do) the place was closed to the public for an event...despite having emailed me weeks before to say that we could skate that day. I was furious.
Thankfully Steve & my lovely hens came to the rescue. We could use the train tickets we'd already bought and got to Nottingham instead and go ice skating.

We found the centre of Notts had a beach!! We also bumped into the Pride parade and the city centre looked beautiful in rainbow colours.

The skating was ridiculously difficult!! My hips protested after about half an hour...realised I hadn't actually been on the ice for about 30 years!

Back in my hometown and we met up with lots of other friends and family members for a meal. There were 24 of us altogether and I felt very loved.

There may have been some drinking, a dance routine and 'someone' fell off a stage...but we'll leave it there!

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