the fam

the fam

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Engagement Shoot on the beach

I mentioned in an earlier post that we GOT MARRIED! oh yes...we finally did it after 17 years.

You can read the whole back story...why it took us so long, the rollercoaster journey, to the decision to 'get on with it, on our wedding blogger friend Alison's Plans & Presents blog (aka Mrs PandP) here

I was Alison's 'blogging bride' since our engagement in February! (With a haribo ring, on another beach...but that's another story...)

Back in May, once we'd booked our photographer (Harvey & Harvey), we had an engagement shoot as part of the wedding package.

I felt a bit silly about all this...we weren't the young couple we once were. There were two other little people involved now and Steve wasn't so keen either.

However, in the end we decided we would go ahead - it would be a nice keepsake anyhow.

The thought of having our photos taken anywhere near home where someone might see us trying to smile and look natural filled me with dread. Thankfully our photographers thought our idea of a seaside shoot (our wedding theme after all) was a great idea.

The morning started with glorious sunshine as we headed off to Mablethorpe - a big stretch of unspoilt sand, perfect for us to disappear into the background.

Once we'd got going and had relaxed a bit, we started to have fun.

The boys got a day at the seaside so they were immensely happy and were completely unfazed (possibly because Mummy has taken a million photos of them both since they were born!)

We ended up with some really fun shots and glad we went ahead.

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