the fam

the fam

Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Makey Cake Off...our own wedding day bake off competition!

Planning our wedding was brilliant fun but there was one element we really wanted to feature on our Big Day. Being Great British Bake Off fans in our family, we wanted our own wedding bake off for our guests!

It's a great way to add fun to the day and to fill your dessert table with all manner of fabulous makes and bakes when you're on a budget.
Our guests loved it and got fully behind the idea...they all got very competitive in the lead up to the wedding day!!

We decided that if our guests were putting in so much effort, we should have prizes for our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

1st place prize was a beautiful personalised enamel baking tin from Delightful Living, a Seasalt apron, a Makey Cake Off spoon from Auntie Mims and a rosette...yes, by my amazing Mum yet again! 2nd and 3rd place also got runner-up spoons and rosettes too.

There was also a very special card inside the tin. I had managed to contact Mary Berry's agent and asked very nicely if it would be possible for Mary to write a card for our winner...and she DID!!!
THE Mary Berry! How brilliant was that!!

Thanks to winner Han for this photo!
We were totally overwhelmed by the entries - everyone had outdone themselves!! I totally panicked when it was time for judging...we really couldn't decide because they were all outstanding!
In the end we picked one cake, one 'something different' and one dessert.

We entered the hall to the Bake Off theme in Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood masks and presented our winners with village-fete style cards and their prizes.

1st Place to my cousin Han with her 'Seaside Special' cake. The sponge was red and blue and filled with red and blue m&ms that spilled out when we cut into the cake!

2nd Place to the Sugden Sisters with their holiday scene

3rd Place to 'Auntie' Joan with her magnificent Bakewell

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